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Daily Focus is a blend of ingredients known as nootropics. These can improve cognitive function, enhance creativity and stimulate motivation. 

Who is it for?
Ideal for those who want to reduce tiredness and fatigue, thus improving memory, concentration and brain performance. If you work in a high-pressure environment or have a busy lifestyle, nootropic supplements may help you stay on track.

Effectiveness: Results:
brain health 2 weeks

7 Smart Ingredients:
Dry extract of Rhodiola Rosea root, Rosavin> 2%, Hemp protein powder, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid (B9), Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12.
Hemp Daily Focus

Hemp Daily Focus

Regular price €28,95
Precio de venta €28,95 Precio regular

How does it help you?

Improved Memory 

Magnesium is an important mineral required for production of neurotrophins like brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). These special proteins contribute to the survival, development and functioning of neurons essential for learning and memory.

Clear Concentration 

B vitamins are vital for our nervous system. Each B vitamin passes through the blood-brain barrier using special transport mechanisms, providing a much higher concentration in the brain.

Mental Clarity 

Relieves symptoms of stress and supports neurotransmitters that improve mood, mental concentration and productivity. Helps you to obtain extra energy to perform complex mental tasks throughout the day.

Energy Boost 

Rhodiola's dual action of nootropic (cognitive stimulation) and adaptogenic (emo-tional sedation) enhances your energy, stamina and physical performance, while providing long-lasting protection against external & internal stress factors.


B6, B9 and B12 vitamins supply the brain with essential energy, prevent overloads and reduce stress levels, providing neuronal protection from damage by eliminat-ing and removing toxic compounds in the brain.

Emotional Control

Promotes constructive reasoning by regulating the production of brain chemicals responsible for happiness and pleasure. Allows you to control your emotions to achieve new goals and a simpler life.

Got exams coming up and no time to prepare?

Exam stress has a devastating effect on the human body and psyche, resulting in sleep loss and irregular eating.

Our brain is the most active organ in the body, consumes a huge amount of the body's energy (20%), and sometimes needs extra energy. With high levels of stress and mental pressure, natural resources are scarce and our brain needs nourishment. However, it is not always possible to get all the vitamins and minerals it needs from food.

Daily Focus is a unique vitamin complex that improves mental performance and the body's metabolism. The formula contains essential vitamins and minerals that are vital to brain function and help to significantly Improve your Memory and Stabilize the Nervous System.

Do you wish there were more than 24 hours in a day?

The modern world requires us to be a multi-tasking person, therefore sometimes we overburden ourselves. Facing many challenges every day related to personal life, family, work and physical appearance.

Overload, tight schedules, "get everything done as soon as possible" stress us out, disturbing sleep regularity and healthy nutrition, leading to vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Daily Focus helps restore the balance of essential vitamins and minerals. Only by enriching the body with vitamins such as B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12, can you stay active, work hard and be healthy.

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Do you want to improve the performance of your brain?

Brain is the most important organ. Being the focus of our mind and personality, it coordinates all the other systems in our body throughout the life.

However, our brains age almost faster than all other organs: memory impairment and cognitive decline can be observed before the age of 30. Taking care of your brain health is as important as taking care of your physical performance. 

Our brain nutrition formula stimulates our brain cells. It protects against sudden cognitive decline and also improves Mental Performance, Memory and Concentration.

Do you feel burned out or anxious?

The high speed of the modern world causes constant stress and endless overload. We simply do not have enough time to recharge our psyche and process negative emotions. This leads to professional burnout: lack of energy resources, loss of interest in work, constant fatigue and irritation.

Burnout is one of the top three occupational diseases: 76% of respondents have experienced it at least once.

Constant headaches and fatigue, the feeling of uselessness, lack of energy and sleep are signs of professional burnout. That is why it is important to find solutions to avoid overload. Improving our Concentration, Memory and Creativity are key elements of our success.

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What Our Customers Say

High concentration and focus

I am more concentrated and that is very important for my work. My mind is more awake and reacts faster. It's like drinking coffee but without the nerves that you can feel with coffee. I recommend it without hesitation, the product is very good and with a very complete composition.

Simone Guaglianone

Positively surprised

I'm not usually one to leave reviews, but this time it deserved it. A friend recommended this nootropic to me and I must say I am positively surprised. My mind is lighter as I approach my work day, with more energy and efficiency. I recommend it 100%.


I noticed the difference

This product really works. I noticed the difference in the first couple of days after I started taking the pills and was pleasantly surprised. It makes me feel more focused on work tasks as well as gives clear concentration.

Edwin Muñoz

More energetic and positive mind

I just ordered it for the second time. I looked for it because I was in a mental fog at work some days, I needed something to clear my head. I don't know if it's the hemp or something psychological, the thing is that I feel that I have an attitude that I can't get over.

more positive as well.



The truth is that this is the second time I buy it and I wanted to wait a reasonable time to give a real opinion about the product. At least in my case I have noticed the difference, I have much better concentration and my memory has improved since I have been taking these capsules.

I started to notice the changes from the first week of consumption and I'm already on the second box... that's why I recommend them.


Excellent product, energy and productivity

This supplement was recommended to me to increase my productivity and reduce fatigue. After 2 weeks of taking the product I began to notice the difference in my days, as my productivity and concentration increased and tiredness and fatigue decreased. As with any supplement, you have to give it time to act in the body due to the accumulation effect. I am very satisfied with the purchase and the quality of the product.


It works

I bought it for my son, the truth is that the results are positive, a little expensive, but a good product.

Alvaro Fellipy Von Rondon Gomes

It focuses you

I notice it at work, especially since I'm always on top of my game in the morning.

Amazon Customer

Very effective

I have tried quite a few nootropics and I know what it is all about.
It is very effective and you can feel it perfectly when focusing.

Amazon Customer

Good result

I bought them for the change of weather and I have really noticed a difference this spring.

A Random Drawer

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied, since I have been taking food supplements, I feel much more concentrated at work and I feel much less tired. I highly recommend it.

Elodie Fra

What are Nootropics?

Our Daily Focus formula is a natural nootropic supplement dedicated to improving cognitive functions: memory, concentration and mental clarity

Nootropics are known as a class of substances that enhance brain performance. they improve brain functions, including motivation, productivity and energy.

Daily Focus is an intelligent pill to support your mind and improve your energy for your daily routine.

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How does Rhodiola work?

Rhodiola rosea is mother nature’s answer for reducing stress, fatigue and improving endurance. There is nothing new about Rhodiola, it has a well-documented history of use since 70 AD. Found in Arctic regions it has been consumed for improving physical endurance, work productivity, and longevity and to treat fatigue.

Research during the past century shows that Rhodiola works as an adaptogen, it has the ability to “adapt” its function according to the body’s specific needs. Rhodiola normalizes body functions and strengthens systems compromised by physical or mental stress.

Peer-reviewed scientific studies show that 200 mg of Rhodiola taken one hour before training could improve endurance and exercise performance.

We use premium quality Rhodiola extract from Finzelberg, Germany produced using specially grown plants in Europe. Quality is maintained to ensure that Rhodiola extract contains a minimum of 2% “rosavins”. The daily dose (2 capsules) of Hemp Daily Focus contains 200 mg of Rhodiola extract which is equivalent to approx. 600 mg of dry rhodiola roots.

Is hemp protein good for me?

Yes, absolutely they are the best! Our organic hemp protein powder is made from nutritionally rich seeds of hemp plant grown in Europe. Hemp proteins are considered the best among plant proteins. Hemp proteins contain all 20 known amino acids — including 9 essential amino acids. These amino acids are considered “essential” because the human body can’t produce them on its own. Amino acid profile hemp proteins are comparable to egg whites and soya beans.

Compared to other vegetable proteins, hemp protein contains higher amounts of arginine, glutamic acid and magnesium. Glutamic acid is a neurotransmitter that helps people deal with both psychological and work-related stress.

What is the relationship between magnesium and vitamin D?

Scientific studies show that activation of Vitamin D in our body requires Magnesium. Vitamin D cannot work unless it is converted into an absorbable active form in our body. All the enzymes that metabolize Vitamin D into an active form require Magnesium as a cofactor, during enzymatic reactions in the liver and kidneys. Therefore, the availability of Vitamin D in an absorbable form depends on Magnesium.

Hemp Daily Focus combines both Vitamin D3 and Magnesium so that your body can take advantage of these essential nutrients at the same time. Magnesium will elevate energy levels, improve

psychological functions, while at the same time increasing absorption of Vitamin D for better immunity during periods of stress.

What is the importance of B vitamins?

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamin) are particularly important for brain health, normal neurological and psychological functions, contribution to normal homocysteine metabolism, and reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Homocysteine is an amino acid produced when our body breaks down proteins. Higher homocysteine levels are linked with a decline in cognitive functions increase risk of heart disease as we grow older.

Hemp Daily Focus is formulated with extra high concentrations of vitamin B6 (15 mg - 1071% NRV), B9 Folic Acid (280 microgram - 140% NRV), and B12 (3 microgram - 120%) to help improve brain functions and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Does it contain caffeine?

Hemp Daily Focus is caffeine-free. Instead of artificially increasing energy levels, we offer a formula with botanical ingredients, minerals and vitamins that enhance psychological and energy metabolism naturally.

Consumer Recommendation:

  • Consume 2 capsules per daily. Swallow whole with a full glass of water before meals.  
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.  
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Keep out of the reach of small children. 
  • Pregnant or lactating women should consult a physician before use.  

Peer-reviewed scientific studies show that daily consumption of 200 mg of Rhodiola can help improve energy levels, cognitive functions and reduce stress.

Magnesium supports the healthy function of the nervous system and muscles.

Vitamins B6, B9 & B12 help to improve psychological functions, reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin D helps to improve the immune system.

Rhodiola is Mother Nature's answer to improving energy levels and reducing stress. It is found in Arctic regions and has been used for centuries as an "adaptogen" to treat fatigue, improve physical endurance and work productivity.

Hemp protein is a rich source of amino acids such as glutamic acid.

Fytocina Hemp Daily Focus is suitable for students, athletes and people who perform mentally demanding work.

Daily amount (2 capsules) %NRV*
Hemp Protein Powder Hemp Protein Powder 400 mg **
Rhodiola Rosea Rhodiola Rosea Root Dry Extract, Rosavin> 2%. 200 mg **
Sesame Magnesium 100 mg 27%
Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6  15 mg 1071%
Folic Acid Folic Acid (B9)  280 µg 140%
D3 Vitamin D3 10 µg 200%
Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12  3 µg 120% 


*NRV, Nutrient Reference Value according to the European Food Information Regulation.

**NRV not established

Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Golden root (Rhodiola rosea) extract, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (capsule), Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin B6, Microcrystalline Cellulose (bulking agent), Magnesium stearate and Silicon dioxide (anti-caking agents), Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 and B12.

Do not exceed the daily recommended portion. Food supplements shall not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Store out of the reach of young children. Pregnant or nursing women should consult a physician before using. 

Our Warranties: 

  • Made in Europe   
  • 100% Natural 
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian 
  • Lab Tested
  • Allergen Free

Fytocina Hemp Daily Focus undergoes rigorous quality testing throughout the production process to ensure the best combination of hemp and botanicals for your health and well-being.

GMP Certified


Laboratory tested

in Germany

ISO 22000