Our Story

Fytocina  SL   started in  2018  by  Muhammed  Qayyum a natural products specialist and innovator working in herbals and nutraceuticals. Before starting Fytocina SL, Muhammed was managing his family business of manufacturing herbal medicines in Pakistan.

He has served as an officer in  several  professional groups in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and traditional medicine sectors. Muhammed served a s  a consultant to the World Health Organization in 2003 and 2005, advising on Good Manufacturing Practices,  policy  and regulatory framework for traditional medicines.  

Fytocina is spreading natural goodness from the artistic city of Barcelona, Spain. Our team has spent decades developing herbal products around the world. We have unique expertise in providing you with innovative botanical formulas based on traditional knowledge and backed by modern science.  

At Fytocina we are  obsessed with quality working according to European  regulations  concerning food supplement manufacturing.  All our products meet the demanding standards of quality safety,  and efficacy . We work with carefully selected partners w ho share the same values, ambitions and beliefs regarding pure honesty and transparency.   

Finzelberg converts  carefully grown  herbs into bioactive standardized extracts for optimum  health.




Laia’s produce organic hemp materials for food  supplements.    






Sincrofarm, in Barcelona, blends everything into our innovative formulas with great care for quality