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What Our Customers Say

Excellent product, energy and productivity

This supplement was recommended to me to increase my productivity and reduce fatigue. After 2 weeks of taking the product I began to notice the difference in my days, as my productivity and concentration increased and tiredness and fatigue decreased. As with any supplement, you have to give it time to act in the body due to the accumulation effect. I am very satisfied with the purchase and the quality of the product.



The truth is that this is the second time I buy it and I wanted to wait a reasonable time to give a real opinion about the product. At least in my case I have noticed the difference, I have much better concentration and my memory has improved since I have been taking these capsules.

I started to notice the changes from the first week of consumption and I'm already on the second box... that's why I recommend them.


High concentration and focus

I am more concentrated and that is very important for my work. My mind is more awake and reacts faster. It's like drinking coffee but without the nerves that you can feel with coffee. I recommend it without hesitation, the product is very good and with a very complete composition.

Simone Guaglianone

Positively surprised

I'm not usually one to leave reviews, but this time it deserved it. A friend recommended this nootropic to me and I must say I am positively surprised. My mind is lighter as I approach my work day, with more energy and efficiency. I recommend it 100%.


I noticed the difference

This product really works. I noticed the difference in the first couple of days after I started taking the pills and was pleasantly surprised. It makes me feel more focused on work tasks as well as gives clear concentration.

Edwin Muñoz

More energetic and positive mind

I just ordered it for the second time. I looked for it because I was in a mental fog at work some days, I needed something to clear my head. I don't know if it's the hemp or something psychological, the thing is that I feel that I have an attitude that I can't get over.

more positive as well.


It works

I bought it for my son, the truth is that the results are positive, a little expensive, but a good product.

Alvaro Fellipy Von Rondon Gomes

It focuses you

I notice it at work, especially since I'm always on top of my game in the morning.

Amazon Customer

Very effective

I have tried quite a few nootropics and I know what it is all about.
It is very effective and you can feel it perfectly when focusing.

Amazon Customer

Good result

I bought them for the change of weather and I have really noticed a difference this spring.

A Random Drawer

Very satisfied

I am very satisfied, since I have been taking food supplements, I feel much more concentrated at work and I feel much less tired. I highly recommend it.

Elodie Fra


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